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Windsor is a respected, trusted and masterful compere, he likes to interact with an audience and is great at getting a room laughing …


He has appeared at the Vancouver Comedy Festival and can be heard on Satellite radio. Whether it's a Bar gig, a Comedy Club or a Corporate function David makes the laugh until they can laugh no more. (Well maybe a little more.)
David has toured Canada and the USA - and is now based in London. Recently he has also performed in Eastern Europe.
He has acted in commercials and TV shows and has also has found time to Write and Direct his own independent films.


"‘Windsor is truly a safe pair of hands, when it comes to compering gigs. He is always a joy to work with, not only because he never fails to warm up any audience, but he frames the show, so the acts have a good time too. A proper pro."



"Windsor is in the top few comperes in the country. He never fails to charm the audience and always creates the perfect mood for a great night of comedy."



"Windsor, a master of put down, warmed up and flushed out the hecklers. A skilled compere, Windsor delivers hot material with a rare skill." 

The Stage

"A very good act, with excellent control of his audience"

Melbourne Age

(Australian national daily)


Best Comedy Act

Sheffield Street Performers’ Festival

Best Individual Act


Bournemouth Street Performers’ Festival.

Best Non-Musical Act

Mortlake, Australia.

Best Magic Act

Greenwich Street Performers’ Festival

Best Variety Act

Greenwich Street Performers’ Festival

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Noel James

Britain's Got Talent Semi-Finalist (2018)


Noel James' credits are too numerous to list in full so we asked him to write his own biography to give you an idea how this bizarre mans brain ticks.

"My name is Infact Noel James, although I never pronounce the Infact…"
These are the first words of Infact Noel James' act - an act which, dare I say, confounds even his closest psychopathic hangers-on.

For eight years, Noel has performed comedy throughout the UK. He does it for a living and has performed at all the major clubs and festivals. Glastonbury, Reading, Edinburgh to name but three.
Before entering showbiz old Noel tried his hand at teaching. Without much success, he taught English as a foreign language: he taught it as Welsh!
WELSH - Old English translation meaning 'Foreign'
The above definition gains significance when you perceive his lilting delivery. Not only does it have totally tropical taste and perfect timing but indeed it stems from his mouth which has its dark origins firmly rooted in that far-off land called Wales. As you will see, the rest of his body has no fixed abode but its amazing what a transplant operation can do.
But not for him the comedy of stereotyping - he finds it all too easy. Well, he is a Capricorn (near the Sagittarius end which makes him a Saggycorn)- His act is gag, gag, gag all the way - though some of it consists of non-baby-talk. Above all, his act is highly original; the guy who wrote it assured him of this.
Surreal, bizarre, absurd, intelligent, and yet, somehow strangely attractive. No, seriously he is a very accessible act who generally goes down well anywhere.


He's also done a bit of serious acting, and as for music! Well, what he does is throw in a bit of guitar playing and singing, of a sort, as well as a few prop gags. I'm telling you,to try her hand at stand-up comedy.


“You’ll never forget his name.”


The Independent


Jason Patterson

Winner of the Loaded Laftas Rising Star Award, Jason Patterson is a versatile and engaging stand up comedian. 


His material covers a range of topics, from celebrities and relationships to gang culture and his parents’ Saint Vincent heritage. Internationally, he has performed across North America, Europe and the Middle East and has had TV appearances on BBC Three and MTV.

”Brilliant stage presence backed by a perfectly measured delivery.”



"Brilliant observations backed by a perfectly measured delivery.”


Comedy Central Live

Alistair Barrie.jpg

Alistair Barrie

Comedian, actor and writer Alistair Barrie has been performing all over the world for nearly an entire century (this one).


Much in demand as both a headline act and MC, he has performed throughout the UK and Ireland, as well as further afield in the States, Australia, Switzerland, The Netherlands, South Africa, Estonia, Mumbai, Antibes, Cyprus, Crete, Luxembourg, Bahrain, Qatar, Belgium, Prague, Dubai, Doha, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Norway, Hong Kong, Macau, Malta, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia and Athens as well as at the world's highest gig on a mountain in France and on a boat in the middle of the North Sea.


Alistair is a member of The Cutting Edge team at London's Comedy Store and has made numerous radio and television appearances across the world. A regular at corporate events and festivals, he has taken six solo shows to the Edinburgh Fringe and written on several shows for the BBC, Channel 4 and Radio 4 and for a number of other comedians. He created and compered 'Bye George,' the comedians' farewell to George W. Bush, which sold out the Southbank's Queen Elizabeth Hall in January 2009. He is presently working on 'No Pressure to be Funny,' a monthly topical show and podcast at the Soho Theatre in in London's West End, with LBC's James O'Brien and former Perrier nominee Nick Revell, which was also taken to Edinburgh in 2012 for a Festival special in association with Amnesty International. Alistair also regularly reviews restaurants for his Food Ponce blog.



The Independent

"A class act" 


The Scotsman

"Eloquent, slick and dynamic" 


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