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Markus Birdman Interview 


We interviewed our headline act Markus Birdman on Thursday 20th May on his upcoming perfomance at Specs Comedy on 5th June. Here is what the man had to say.


Q. Hello Markus! How are you doing?


I'm alright thank you, I literally got back from New Zealand yesterday so I'm feeling a bit fragile. I've got a tonne of house/admin work to do including two court summons and a coffee machine that doesn't work. I've been away for two months, I did two festivals one in New Zealand and another in Australia and they were great.


Q. Firstly I just want to thank you for taking your time to have a little chat with us today, we really appreciate it especially being jet lagged and all.


No worries at all, it's what I do.


Q. Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself? Where are you from Markus?


Currently living in London but I'm from Essex originally in Southend. That's where I grew up.


Q. Is your name (Markus) originally spelt with a K not the traditional C?


It' s a slight adaption so I can stand out, as you know it's very competitive out there. I did it so people can notice me more, if you ask me If I would go back in time and do the same I'm not sure I would bother.


Q. So how did you end up in comedy?


I was in a band originally and probably talked a bit too much in between songs so I started doing poetry and spoken word stuff. From that, someone close to me who worked as a producer in comedy said I should try stand-up.


She entered me in a new acts competition, I didn't want to be a bottler even though it was a scary experience so I thought I would do it anyway and I actually ended up doing quite well.


Q. Do you ever get nervous when you on stage or forget your lines?


Well I slightly cheated because I had been used to perfoming on stage being in a band and then doing perfomance poetry for a long time so I never experienced that feeling of saying "Oh here we go this is my first gig".


So I don't get nervous because of a gig, I get nervous if something is riding on it. For an example if the perfomance may potentially get me bigger gigs. Doing new material also makes me nervous because you never know how the audience will take it and so much of it is down to confidence not what you are trying to say. But I do forget my lines sometimes it's natural.


Q. What is the best gig you've performed at?


The Comedy Store defintiely and there is a place in Norway called Stavanger. I performed in Scavanger a couple of times that's my second favourite place. The reason I enjoyed it so much is because it's in a music bar and the stage and the room are the perfect size. The people are just really good and responsive, I felt very comfortable there.


Q.  Who is your favourite comedian or the most influential to your career?


Well currently it's a guy called Tommy Tiernan very talented guy and prior to that it has to be Richard Pryor. I mean any self-respecting comedian definitely has him up there you know. He is kind of like our 'Pele' you know, if I can use an analogy you may appreciate (haha).


Q. Are you a fan of Eric Morecambe? He was a huge fan or Luton Town and one of the directors here.


Wow was he? I didn't know that at all. I mean the guy is a legend he paved the way for so many comedians, he is one of the icons of British comedy!


Q.  Are you into football? Which team do you support?


I have never been particularly interested in football at all, I mean I've been to live football games in the past but it just doesn't interest me as sport. When I was in Australia I went to watch Aussie rules football and it was amazing. I mean they play on a massive pitch which is like one and half times longer than a normal football pitch. They basically play on a cricket pitch, I think the whole game originated as a pre-match cricket warm-up. 




Q. What is the town of Luton famous for? 


The only think I remember is the Airpot  (haha)


Q. In which league does Luton Town FC play in?


I have no idea


Q. Can you name one Luton Town player?




Q. Which car manufacturer is headquartered in Luton?


Ford Motor Company maybe.


I can honestly say I'm ashamed for getting all those questions wrong I apologise for that (haha).


Q. Last but not least are you looking forward to performing at Specs Comedy on 5th June?


Yes it should be great looking forward to it, I think I've performed at Specs before and it was good fun so it will be nice to return. It's been nice chatting to you today and I shall see you on Friday 5th June, bye bye.


Don't miss out on seeing Markus at the next Specs show on Friday 5th June.


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