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Specs Comedy - July 2017


Ninia was catapulted to stardom as one third of BBC3′s 3 Non-Blondes, which later transferred to BBC2 and BBC America before going to a second series, shown internationally. From this, her talents have been showcased across all the major UK channels in a variety of roles, as a presenter, studio guest, actress and reality TV star.


Otiz Cannelloni combines the illusion of magic and the wit of stand up to produce a hybrid comic creation. With a mind more suited to testing crash helmets, his performance fluctuates between sheer genius and downright stupidity. Just when you suspect he doesn’t have a clue, Cannelloni removes all doubt.
When this man is on stage the dressing room empties, as the rest of the comics rush to watch and learn from his mistakes. It’s taken years of practice to make something so simple look so difficult. 


For over a decade Dan's accessible but childish surrealism has delighted audiences throughout the UK and Ireland. He’s also had his grammar corrected by Dutch and German crowds; performed for chubby sweating ex-pats in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore and Thailand, and is one of just two UK comics to play Hanoi, Vietnam.
ooooooHe’s appeared on BBC 2's Brain Candy, Channel 5  at The Store and the Channel 5 Comedy Zone, Radio 2’s Stand Up Show and 28 acts in 28 minutes on Radio 4. He writes too, the sitcom pilot, 'THE HOUSE OF ROOMS' he wrote with Milton Jones went out recently. He’s also written extensively for TV and Radio and his short film 'The Mouse That Teased The Wind', 



Is a stand-up comedian, MC and former teacher. He has performed his stand-up comedy routines at top venues all over the country inc: Jongleurs; the Glee; the Stand; the Comedy Cafe; and the Frog and Bucket. Added to this, he has worked for leading comedy agents such as Off the Kerb and Christian Knowles Productions. Combining his stand-up with tales of his former exploits as a teacher, he toured the nations’s arts centres and theatres with a show entitled ‘Not Appropriate’.
"Kevin's stage charisma and poise set him head and shoulders above the previous acts."
- The Times.
"If he were any more laid back he'd fall over - we fell over laughing."
- The Evening Standard.

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