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Jez O'Donnell, Noel James, Danny Ward and Ivan Brackenbury spoil Specs Comedy with exhilarating performances.

Following last month with yet another sold-out show, April proved to be another cracking night of comedy here at Luton Town Football Club in the Eric Morecambe Lounge. The beginning of spring brought a good vibe and warm atmosphere as the audience enjoyed their drinks and food before the start of the show.


The Specs intro song rocked the room as the compere on the night Jez O'Donnell hopped onto the stage to get things started. Jez got straight into the swing of things, using his improvisation style to engage with the audience before introducing the first act Noel James. With his Welsh accent, Noel had all eyes on him as the audience were fascinated by his hilarious unorthodox comedy style which touched on random topics.


After the interval came on London native Danny Ward who had the crowd in stitches when he demonstrated his collection of gadgets purchased from LIDL. He continued, highlighting on his frustration of the enigma created by fashion brands of the so called ‘London look’ which was met with great acknowledgement from the crowd. The crowd showed their appreciation for Danny as he wrapped up his set and everyone filled up their glasses at the interval.


Finally Jez introduced the headline act Ivan Brackenbury for the final performance of the night. With his Ipad in his hand, Ivan kicked off his hospital radio show with a bang dedicating a few classics to hospital patients that include ‘Looking back over my shoulder’ by Mike and the Mechanics and ‘You can’t touch this’ by MC Hammer. The crowd was hysterical through-out the performance and it wouldn’t have been a trademark Ivan Brackenbury performance without an inappropriate joke. This happened when Ivan mentioned Jimmy Savile leaving the crowd in utter suspense.


Ivan was met with a standing ovation from the audience at the end of his set. Everyone was up on their feet clapping, the first time we had seen this at Specs. This shows the magnitude of just how good the man was. Jez thanked the lively audience on what had been a fantastic night of comedy as the audience screamed for an encore.


Join us on Friday 8th May for the next Specs Comedy show featuring Steve Harris, Rob Rouse, Carly Silverman and compere Tony Vino. 


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