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SPECS COMEDY - April 1st 2016


Andrew Watts, George Egg and Jo Darcy shut down Specs in April but its 88 year old headliner Sol Bernstein who steals the moment.


It was another full house at Specs on April Fool's day and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Compere Jo Darcy got things rolling and it didn’t take long before giggles were spreading across the room as the audience found Jo’s northern twang amusing.


The first act introduced to the stage was the unorthodox Georg Egg who had the audience cracking up with his impressions that you could argue are contrary to the regular stand-up comedian. At one point George had the entire audience buzzing when he got them to chanting his name repeatedly “GEORGE EGG!” whilst laughing uncontrollably. George summed up his performance when he mentioned “my computer froze because I left too many windows open” which the crowd found comical.


After the interval, the sharply dressed Andrew Watts took to stage and didn’t shy away from sharing with the audience, “the only reason I am struggling to pull women is because I’m overweight, but it doesn’t seem to be a problem with men”. With the crowd in tears, Andrew carried on giving the audience a few tips on dating.


He mentioned “when it comes to messaging a lady during the early days, you have to be extremely careful with the amount of kisses you leave at the end of the message”. Andrew scaled it as “0 kisses = not interested and 2 kisses = too desperate” which had the audience in tears. The moral of the story is always leave one kiss to stay safe.


The energy levels in the room reached a new high when 88 year old headline act Sol Bernstein hopped onto the stage. Sol didn’t hang about, hitting on the two lovely young ladies sat in the front row which had the whole audience clapping in disbelief. Sol was quick to inform the ladies that their night wouldn’t go any further because all he would do is ask them to “come back to my hotel, help me change my bed sheets then ask you to kindly leave” which had everyone in tears.


Sol went further touching on how old fashioned he is when it comes to dating because of his classic gentleman ways of opening doors and pulling out chairs for women when they sit down. He mentioned how women are not used to such manners in the 21st century and how they’re left feeling intimidated which usually results in them picking up the bill.


Sol wrapped up his set by shouting “IT WORKS EVERYTIME”, which had the entire room bursting out with laughter as everyone stood up and gave the New York native a standing ovation. It had been another night of top comedy from the finest performers in the Eric Morecambe Lounge.


Our next show is on Friday 6th May were compere James Patterson will be introducing Sean Percival, Dougie Dunlop and Adam Bloom.


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