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Yianni Agislou, Sarah Callaghan, Mike Gunn and Simon Fielder deliver in the John Moore Lounge.

June took us in the John Moore Lounge for the first time and what a cracking intimate show we experienced. Compere Simon Feilder kicked off the show by roasting poor Dave in the front row who claimed his occupation was a British spy – something he probably ended up regretting as all 4 comedians ripped into him during their sets.

First up was Greek-Aussie Yianni Agislou - with a name everyone spent most of the evening trying to pronounce with no success. Yianni quickly stressed how challenging it’s become for him being a single 35 year old man who receives a wedding invitation from at least one friend every month. With everyone still bursting into tears, Yianni went further mentioning how his grandmother has been demanding him to settle down since he was 20 years old, with her wish still to come true.

After the first interval, Simon introduced the feisty Sarah Callaghan who didn’t shy away from expressing her true feelings towards men due to her partner taking too long to propose – with the women in the audience laughing the loudest as they could relate. Denouncing herself as your ‘typical girl’ and dismising the stereotypes women face, Sarah shared her love for trainers and beer instead of heels and lipsticks with the audience applauding her in laughter.

At the end of the second interval, Simon called upon the services of headline act Mike Gunn who didn’t need a second invitation when it came to sharing about his love for alcohol. Mike mentioned how he used to get intoxicated led by passing out on the Piccadilly line on the way home - ending up at the last stop Cockfosters.


With that being a nonsense problem most nights, Mike simply moved to Cockfosters to save himself the hustle – leaving the entire audience in stitches. Simon signalled the end of what had been a stellar show in the John Moore Lounge.

Details of July's show to be confirmed - stay tuned on our social media channels.

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