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SPECS COMEDY - March 4th 2016


The awesome foursome of Marc Lucero, Tony Vino, Gareth Richards and Tom Price light up Specs with a bang.


March definitely didn’t disappoint as we witnessed comedy of the highest calibre from four heavyweights in the Eric Morecambe Lounge. Compere Tony Vino got the ball rolling by challenging young Alex in the audience to complete the Rubik’s cube in under 2 minutes as the audience cheered and looked on in suspense. This was already shaping up to be an exciting and unpredictable show.


First up on stage was Tom Price who didn’t waste time touching on the difficulties of life as a family man. Reminiscing about the University days he spent with then his girlfriend binge drinking and raving, it’s safe to say Tom wasn’t expecting the married life to be so different. With the crowd bursting with laughter, Tom explained how he now spends his weekends attending or hosting boring dinner parties where the main topic is ‘out-mortgaging’ each other with his compatriots. Tom finished his set as the show went for an interval.


Marc Lucero was next up to the stage after the interval. Having just arrived in Luton and asking for directions at a local petrol station, Marc found himself on the receiving end from the shop assistant. Marc was sarcastically told to dress his own age as he did not approve of a 54 year old man wearing fitted jeans, a blazer and boat shoes.


With the audience cracking up, Marc went on discussing the difficulties middle-aged people go through trying to get their head around technology. One specific incident that Marc pointed out occurred during a shopping trip to a supermarket where he was greeted by a sausage promotional sign which read ‘Join us on Facebook’. Marc was confused with the notion of sausages having their own dedicated Facebook pages which had everyone in the room laughing out loud.


After the last interval, the ingenious Tony Vino used his ability of comedy improvisation when he invited guests in the audience to take part in a Lion King musical which turned out to be an exhilarating performance from our audience members. (Video available soon). Moving on swiftly, headline act Gareth Richards took to stage with his piano ready to serenade the Specs crowd.


Gareth got things started by raising a complaint about the high number of OAPs in his adopted home of Bournemouth which had the audience laughing in suspense. He carried on with some musical comedy which had everyone in the room singing along hilariously. At one point an innocent lady in the crowd received a roasting from Gareth because she was anti-David Beckham due to his image as the nation’s sweetheart. With everyone in a hysterical state, Tony Vino closed the curtain on what had truly been five star performances from the four acts and the Specs audience.


Our next show is a April Fool's Special on Friday 1st April were compere Jo Darcy will be introducing Sol Bernstein, Andrew Watts and George Egg.


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