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SPECS COMEDY - April 1st 2016


Dougie Dunlop, Sean Percival, Adam Bloom and James Patterson entertain at another sold out Specs show.


It was another busy night at Specs on Friday 6th May with another sold out show in the Eric Morecambe Lounge. The charismatic compere Jason Patterson got the ball rolling by giving the audience an insight of his relationship with his dad.


Jason mentioned how he took his fancy £150 satellite navigation device to his native island of St Vincent in the Caribbean for directions - which apparently was not a necessity because of the small size of the island. The crowd burst into laughter when Jason mentioned his dad was cross with him because he should have paid him the £150 to navigate around the island instead.


Jason first introduced the big figure of Dougie Dunlop on to the stage. It didn’t take him long to voice his frustration on being a house husband and this had the audience cracking up due to the fact that everyone was trying to comprehend how such a macho man can be this big softy at the same time. Not giving the audience an opportunity to catch their breath, Dougie carried on focussing on the supermarket workers who wear the ‘Happy to help’ badges but instead look like they’re about to attack you whenever you ask them a question.


After the first interval, Jason introduced the energetic Dudley native Sean Percival who immediately had everyone giggling due to his West Midlands accent. This was Sean’s second appearance at Specs who is fast becoming an audience favourite at Specs. It didn’t take him long to mention Dudley’s favourite son Lenny Henry – which was met with cheers across the room.


The crowd burst into uncontrollable laughter when Sean mentioned “The only reason why Lenny Henry enjoys sleeping in a Premier Inn every night is because he doesn’t have to sleep next to the big figure of Dawn French anymore”. Sean was met with a fantastic acknowledgement from the audience as he wrapped up his set.


After the final break, the fast talking headliner Adam Bloom took to stage and it didn’t take long for him to warm-up to the audience. Adam didn’t hide his excitement regarding Disney announcing an upcoming Toy Story 4 film in 2018. Adam then decided to help out with the film script by mentioning how he would love to see the children from Taiwan who manufactured the toys have a small part in the new next film.


With everyone still cracking up, Adam pointed in the direction of the bald stocky gentleman in the front row and began roasting him about his similar appearance to the Oga from the Shrek films - leaving everyone in the room in a hysterical state. Jason signalled for a curtain call on what had been an entertaining night of comedy in the Eric Morecambe Lounge.     


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