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Specs Comedy - July 2017


Tanyalee Davis is standup comedian who inspires, enlightens and entertains her audiences while headlining at comedy clubs, colleges, and comedy festivals throughout North America, the UK, and other parts of the world with her own unique perspective and somewhat racy brand of comedy. Standing at 3' 6" tall, Tanyalee is the Ferrari of comedy - low to the ground and kind of racy. Canadian born, Tanyalee currently makes the stage her home while touring all over the world bringing the funny! In 2007 Tanyalee premiered her first one-woman show called “Little Do They Know” at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where she received 4 star reviews. From January to June 2011, Tanyalee performed her very successful one-woman show called “Little Comedian, BIG Laughs” , just off the Las Vegas strip, four nights a week for six months. In July 2011, the pilot episode of “Adam Hills: Comically Challenged” aired on BBC Northern Ireland where Tanyalee was featured. This show is currently being targeted at the US market. Tanyalee starred in the premiere episode of “Last Comic Standing 2”, “Little People, Big World” as well as featuring on “World’s Smallest People” on ITV (UK) and TLC -The Learning Channel. Working on “Austin Powers 3: Goldmember” movie teaser was a highlight of Tanyalee’s career, along with featuring in a movie called, “For the Love of Money”. Tanyalee has also appeared on MTV’s BASH and Dave Attel’s Insomniac show: Live at the House of Blues. In 2012, Tanyalee supported the amazing Frankie Boyle on his national UK tour. 2012 also saw her star in Season 1 of CH4's hit TV show "Im Spazticus". The show was so successful that she was subsequently invited back to star in a bigger role in Season 2, which aired in late 2013. 2013 also saw her appear as a guest on Adam Hill's CH4 hit show, "The Last Leg". Tanyalee is also part of Abnormally Funny People, an ensemble show, performing throughout the United Kingdom. Tanyalee’s perception of people, and how they perceive her, exaggerates the humour of life’s “little” tasks and routines. One theme in Tanyalee’s act is about being “sexy”. The “sexy comes from within”, which means everyone can be sexy and Tanyalee proves it. 2015 saw her UK Television prime-time debut when she appeared on BBC1’s The John Bishop Show, quickly followed by her amazing debut on BBC2's Live At The Apollo 2015 Christmas Special. Both of these dazzling performances saw her stock as a headline comic rise to even greater heights! Tanyalee continues to make a significant dent in the worldwide comedy circuit, headlining throughout the US, Canada and the UK. What she lacks in height she makes up in tenacity. She is often referred to as “The Little Lady With A Lot Of BIG Laughs.”

“Tanyalee Davis is simply one of the funniest people I know. She has a unique view of the world and if you haven't seen her I urge to go, sit back, relax and laugh. ”


“Joan Rivers meets a pile-driver”


“A master of physical punctuation”


“touch you, amaze you, entertain you hugely”, “cleverly crafted”


“Tanyalee Davis is a punch-packing stand-up”


“She was rude and crude but side-splittingly hilarious”


Addy makes audiences laugh from the moment he steps on stage. It may be helped by the comically large nose, mad eyes and manic expression, but it is principally that Addy Borgh is a very funny man and great stand-up comedian. As someone who spent his student life studying clowning (oh yes) at LAMDA, Addy Borgh is a physical comedian - in every aspect of the words. Combining brilliant comic timing with a diverse and dysfunctional set of voices and characters, stand-up Addy Borgh brings to life those worlds of the nerd - computers, museums and libraries. His mix of mimicry, observations and slapstick comedy have won him outings on TV’s The Stand-up Show and Live at Jongleurs and three sell-out years at the Edinburgh Festival. Described as an “unassuming comic genius” by those on the prestigious comedy circuit, he is a regular fixture at comedy festivals across the globe and has a growing army of fans not just in Britain (The Comedy Club, Comedy Store, Jongleurs, Comedy Cafe etc) but also in Holland, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand. A star of BBC 3’s Brain Candy and Sky‘s TV Meltdown (with Kirsty Gallagher), Addy Van Der Borgh appeared at the Edinburgh stand-up comedy festival in 1998 as part of the Screaming Blue Murder comedy showcase, and in 2000 with his own sell-out show 21st Century Fool. He returned in 2002 with Hearing Voices. He also played the lead in his first film, Little Things, for Pandelic.


"With a potent mix of brilliant mimicry, offbeat character comedy and hilarious observations, Addy takes you on a journey of the mind to the many voices in your head, that come together in a brilliant combination. Addy's excellent. His flights of fancy and gentle manner are a brilliant combination" 

Time Out


"Comic genius"

The Scotsman, Metro, Clown Weekly...


Before moving to the UK in 2012, Mark was known as the only 100% “clean” stand-up comic in SA. This landed him work with such notable companies as the Protea Hotel Group, Ford, iTouchSA and many more. Since being here in the UK; he’s become a mainstay on the comedy circuit, is a frequent entertainer on Royal Carribean cruise ships, he’s become a truly international comedian (Canada, Malta, Czech Republic, Belgium etc) and has worked for companies such as Tevo Ltd, Isabella International, All Things Media, etc. 

Year after year, Mark took a different solo show to Grahamstown National Arts Festival (their version of Edinburgh) with critical acclaim. With a comedic voice heavily influenced by Jerry Seinfeld, Mark’s ability to blend a theme or topic with one of today’s funniest comedy routines is unparalleled. His smart, sometimes loud and often opinionated brand of comedy has made him an audience favourite wherever he performs. As Jerry Seinfeld said, “Funny is funny. Clean humour, if it’s good, works anywhere.” It doesn’t matter that Mark Palmer happens to be clean. He’s funny. And funny is the thing that matters when you’re watching a comedian. And having a comedian that is both clean and funny is a rare thing. But you are thinking it must be difficult to work clean all the time, right? “Clean comedy is easy. Funny comedy is hard.” Mark is both.

"Mark Palmer is one of a rare breed of comedians: he can make you laugh without having to pepper his routine with expletives or venture too far below the belt. He’s great at slice-of-life comedy, and deftly gives a wide range of subjects a sharp nudge in the ribs…"

The Cape Times

"For 12 years Mark Palmer built up a reputation as one of South Africa’s most in demand comedians for three main reasons, being “Clean, classy and clever” "

Cape Argus

"The show is very tightly put together and had the audience in stitches with anecdotes regarding marriage, cell phones, and the boogie man just to name a few. A lovely build up leads to the revealing of the age-old mystery of chicken versus egg being finally resolved once and for all. Something that was a lovely public service announcement from the man and yet delivered with much humour was a tale regarding a blow up pillow."


Ray Badran is a Sydney based stand-up comedian. Ray is a regular at The Sydney Comedy Store, and has performed across Australia, The United States, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

Ray has written comedy for various TV shows, comedians, advertising agencies, theatre, radio, and more. Widely regarded as one of the rising stars in Australian comedy, Ray has been lucky enough to work with Chris Rock, Marc Maron, Amy Schumer, Comedy Bang Bang, to name a few. He once also had a joke stolen online via The Lad Bible, and with over 20 million likes, he was eventually given the credit.

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