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Bob Mills, Andrew Maxwell, Scott Bennett and Howard Read raise the roof.


We picked up right where we left off in January with another barnstorming show last Friday at Specs Comedy here at Luton Town FC. The compere for the evening - Howard Read - kicked off the show, bringing bags of positive energy with him, bringing the audience on-side quickly and setting things up nicely for another great evening of comedy.


At Specs it’s not unusual for Luton to take a bit of a roasting from comedians and February was no exception. It was Andrew Maxwell’s second visit to Specs, and once again he was quick to have a go at our wonderful town. Luckily we can take it, his observational style had the audience in stitches.


After the interval came Scott Bennett with his slick fashion sense. He removed the spotlight from Luton during his set to talk hilariously about his home county of Yorkshire.


Our headliner, Bob Mills was then welcomed to the stage, his 2nd appearance at Specs. Bob is probably best-known for his appearances on TV, presenting Channel 4’s ‘In Bed with Medinner’ among other things. Bob closed the show with a bang, leaving the crowd with face ache from laughter.





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