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Roger Monkhouse, Nick Page and Christian Reilly
raise a smile in The Eric Morecambe Lounge


Friday evening saw yet another brilliant night of comedy courtesy of Specs Comedy in the Eric Morecambe Suite.


The evening started with a bang when compere Sean Percival from Dudley took to stage – his trademark energetic style quickly winning over the crowd before introducing the uber-slick Roger Monkhouse to the stage. Roger didn’t hold back either, even sharing the experiences of his recent divorce to the crowd before describing the difficulties that middle aged singletons go through with contemporary dating.


Sean Percival returned to the stage with his electrifying punchlines to get the crowd pumped up for the next act in the shape of Nick Page who was greeted enthusiastically. Nick had the merciless crowd rocking when he claimed at one point that he had been sacked from all 19 jobs he has worked in. Merciless lot. Next came our headline act, the multi-talented Christian Reilly. With deft guitar skills and cutting punchlines, he impersonated legendary acts such as Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Coldplay and Prince which left the audience in stitches.


Compere Sean Percival drew the evening’s proceedings to a close – the end of yet another classic night at Specs. 





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