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A quartet of fantastic acts graced the stage in the Eric Morecambe Lounge for October’s edition of Specs Comedy, and it was a night of majestic musical amusement.

Compere John Ryan instantly gelled with the crowd, a talent that is seriously underrated when trying to warm the punters up. He joyfully pointed fun at people, but even the people who were at the end of the jokes seemed to enjoy it the most!


The first act Ryan introduced former Tellytubby, Dave Thompson, whose eccentric approach and quick jokes kept the crowd on their toes, even whipping out a wand as he used it to tell untold truths about members of the audience.


Second on was James Sherwood, heckled from the beginning by someone who decided to name himself an unrepeatable word, Sherwood dealt with him admirably. The comic’s fantastic piano skills were almost as fabulous as his wit, as his take on the grammatical incorrectness of songs delighted the audience.


Although his act was heckled by the same man, Sherwood was more than ready, and even shook his hand after his jokes put the man in his place.


Third on stage was Liverpudlian Steve Gribbin, whose wonderful words on some touchy subjects were well taken. The controversial verses had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand as his songs, long and short, left those in the Eric Morecambe Lounge in stitches.


A wonderful night of comedy to get October kick-started, here’s to November’s Specs Comedy night!

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