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SPECS COMEDY - February 5th 2016


Katie Lucas, Paul Kerensa, Howard Read and Josh Howie kick start the year to a sold out Specs….


Specs was back in full motion on Friday 5th February with our first show of the year, and what a spectacular night it turned out to be. Tickets sold out days in advance so we welcomed a full house in the Eric Morecambe Lounge.


Compere Howard Read, returning for the second time at Specs, got the show started and it only took a few seconds for him to pick out his first victim in the audience. It was a poorly lady with a fractured leg covered in an orthopaedic cast who found herself in the middle of a roasting. Nevertheless she laughed in embarrassment as Howard psyched up the crowd for the first act.  


The first act introduced to the stage was the musically capable Katie Lucas who was met with a warm welcome from the buzzing audience. Katie connected her acoustic guitar to the P.A system as she waved to the excited the audience.


With her dazzling smile, Katie kick started her set by using her brilliant talent with irony when she asked parents in the audience if they ‘like their children’. Katie had everyone in stitches when she beautifully sang her first of 3 comedy songs and by the time she finished, the crowd was almost calling for an encore.


After the first interval, Howard introduced Paul Kerensa who immediately got into a table of 8 lads from a local butcher in the front row. Keen to find out their favourite cuts of meat, Paul was met with some astonishing responses when a few could not differentiate certain cuts of meat. The crowd was bursting in laughter but just with everything else, the top lads blamed their confusion on the alcohol.


At the end of the final interval, headliner Josh Howie took to stage and instantly highlighted on his frustration of keeping the spark in a relationship after being with a partner for a long time. This triggered a few red faces in the audience which josh was quick counter on with no remorse. With the audience laughing out loud out of embarrassment, Josh wrapped up his set and compere Howard Read brought a close on what had been an electric first show of the year at Specs.


Since its February and Valentine’s Day is less than a week away, we took the chance to ask some of our audience members some of the worst presents they’ve given or received on the big day. Make sure Look out for our daily video uploads this week leading up to the big day on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Our next show is on Friday 4th March were compere Tony Vino will be introducing Tom Price, Marc Lucero and Gareth Richards.


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